Who is "Sam O"

When visiting St. Catharine College an individual may get the distinct pleasure stumbling upon, who the locals call, “Sam O.” The real question is; who is “Sam O?”

Where are you from?

“I went to high school in Radcliff, Ky. At North Hardin High School, but I am originally from Ontario, Canada.”

When did you move to the states?

“In 10th grade”

Why St. Catharine?

“It was the only place that offered me both track and soccer scholarships. I really wanted to continue both and St. Catharine seemed to be a good fit.”

What are your best memories at St. Catharine?

“My favorite memory was Coach Jones (Blake Jones-Track Coach) had just started here and he smashed Michelle’s [Dunaway] face in a cinnamon roll. After that it is pretty much a plethora of famous “Paul P” (Paul Patton-Women’s Soccer Coach) quotes. He always has something funny to say.”

What positions/events to you play?

I pole vault for track and play defense and forward for the soccer team.”

When you started at St. Catharine the track team was just starting; did you have any fears?

“Not really, were are not big, but I am excited that we are getting bigger and better.”

What do you want to do after college?

“I would like to open a sports store and possibly live somewhere near Nashville.”

Favorite Music


Favorite Food

“Steak and macaroni and cheese”


“Besides playing sports, I like horseback riding and sleeping. You can never get enough sleep!”

Do you work?

“Yes, at Timmy Ho Ho’s (Tim Horton’s) and Enterprise”

What is the best thing to happen to you at St. Catharine?

“Meeting my best friends Lindsey [Vinson], Michelle [Dunaway], Troy [Mattingly], and Sarah [Castillo].”

Blake Jones

“Sam O is a hard worker that dedicates herself to getting better at her sport. It’s a gift that you can’t force feed down our athlete’s throats.”

So who is “Sam O?”

I am Samantha Osborn, a senior at St. Catharine College, and I guess I’m just Sam O.”

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