Patriot Athletes Have Success in the Classroom

The St. Catharine Patriots have 19 athletes named to the Academic All Mid-South Conference Teams in their respective sports.

Being a student athlete at the collegiate level is difficult in itself, with practices, competitions, and workouts. However, collegiate athletes are also expected to go to class and perform in the classroom as well as on the field. For these select few Patriots, the classroom is not an obstacle. In order to qualify for the Academic All Mid-South Conference team, the athlete must maintain a 3.25 on a 4.0 scale along with sophomore status (24 earned credit hours). For four Patriots a 3.25 was just not enough; these Patriots went above and beyond and score the elusive 4.0 GPA. Here are your Academic All Mid-South Conference Patriots for the Fall Season:

(Those with a * next to their name received a 4.0.

Michelle Dunaway SR Women’s Soccer

Adrienne Bishop SR Women’s Soccer

Kelsey Hayden SO Women’s Soccer

Morgan Ludwig JR Women’s Soccer

Shelby Rush SO Women’s Soccer

Laura Turner SO Women’s Soccer

Lindsey Vinson SR Women’s Soccer

Nicole Peterson SR Cross Country

Austin Middleton SO Cross Country

*Rebecca Just SO Volleyball

*Jodie Klein SO Volleyball

Rebekah Sams SO Volleyball

Allie Southard JR Volleyball

Casey Stone JR Volleyball

*Marvin Wesselburg SO Men’s Soccer

Kevin Owens JR Men’s Soccer

Benjamin Nally SR Men’s Soccer

*Thad Dodge SO Men’s Soccer

Matthew Bloom JR Men’s Soccer

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