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Tyler McCoy (left) and Andrew Dobben (right).Tyler McCoy (left) and Andrew Dobben (right).

Pair of Patriot Grapplers travel to Russia

St. Catharine, Ky. – It’s not very often that a college sports team has the chance send a couple of their players to a foreign country and train with the best athletes in their sport, but for the third time in a nine month span, the St. Catharine College wrestling team has had a few of their wrestlers travel to Russia.

Tyler McCoy and Andrew Dobben were the two wrestlers that had the opportunity of a lifetime and train with some of the best competition the world has to offer. For McCoy – a junior from Marion, Ohio – this was his second experience of Russia, but for Dobben – a freshman from Barberton, Ohio – it was his first experience in the foreign land.

“We’re really proud of Tyler and Andy of representing not only St. Catharine College and the wrestling program, but also the country,” noted head coach Spencer Adams. “I am really excited that they had this chance to travel to Russia, it really is a once in a lifetime experience.”

On their first day of the trip the two spent all day traveling from the United States to Russia. They took a flight from Columbus, Ohio to New York and then to Russia. They arrived in Moscow and had the chance to visit one of the major attractions in Moscow, the Red Square.

After finishing up in Moscow, the two had to catch another flight to Kemerovo, the city where they would be wrestling. After arriving at their hotel, they went to the arena to get checked-in and registered for the event.

The next day, the two finally got to wrestle and according to McCoy it was a day he’ll never forget, “Today was one of the greatest days of my life. I got to represent the United States and wrestle with some of the best wrestlers in the world.” McCoy also noted saying, “Just being out there on the mat and looking around at all the fans was a great feeling.”

After finishing up their day of wrestling, McCoy and Dobben wrapped up their final night in Russia. They finished their trip up after they attended a banquet in Kemerovo before a long day of travels back to the United States awaited them the next day.

After spending a few days in Russia, the two grapplers made the trip back to the United States. They got a flight from Kemerovo to Moscow, then to New York, before getting a flight from Boston back to Columbus.

Dobben spoke of the experience saying, “Having the opportunity to travel to Russia and compete was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget.” “It was awesome to see some of the historic places in Russia and to train and compete with some of the best wrestlers in the world.”

McCoy echoed Dobben’s statement saying, “Not many people are given the opportunity to travel and represent their country in something they love.” He continued saying, “The only thing that would have made the trip more enjoyable was if all my friends and family were there with me.”

“To be able to have three trips to Russia in a nine month span truly is amazing,” said Adams. “We intend send more in December, but if not we will definitely have more next summer that make the trip.”

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