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Photo courtesy of Les Canter Photography.Photo courtesy of Les Canter Photography.

Patriot Wrestling goes 3-1 at John Carroll


University Heights, Ohio – The Patriot wrestling team had a successful opening to their 2015-16 campaign when they went 3-1 at the John Carroll Duels this past weekend in University Heights, Ohio.

The Patriots took on four different teams from the ranks of the NCAA D-III. Their first opponent was Thiel (Pa.), then they took on Washington and Lee (Va.). In their third match of the day they took on Mount St. Joseph (Ohio) and their final match of the day they wrestled the host John Carroll.

The grapplers didn’t get off to the start that they were looking for after they lost their opening match to Thiel 24-17. The Patriots, however, turned that negative into a positive after they won their next three matches over Washington and Lee (24-17), Mount St. Joseph (54-0), and John Carroll (29-15).

Full Results:

Thiel College: 24 St. Catharine College: 17
125 - Vincent Vahaly (Thiel College) over David Hernandez (SCC) MD 15-1
133 - Gage Branson (SCC) over Lance Waters (Thiel College) MD 15-1
141 - Anthony Ashford (SCC) over Nick Burkett (Thiel College) Dec 10-7
149 - Nick Sutton (Thiel College) over Garrett Carter (SCC) Dec 6-5
157 - Jordan Smith (Thiel College) over Andy Dobben (SCC) Fall 2:45
165 - Chris Nuss (Thiel College) over Shelby Floyd (SCC) Dec 10-8
174 - Mitch Rusch (SCC) over Tyler Wilkes (Thiel College) MD 13-4
184 - Marco Crivelli (Thiel College) over TJ Edwards (SCC) TF 17-1
197 - Jacob Lowry (Thiel College) over BJ Carman (SCC) Dec 12-11
285 - Deaken McCoy (SCC) over Garret Schweitzer (Thiel College) Fall 1:41

St. Catharine College: 24 Washington and Lee: 14
125 - David Hernandez (SCC) over Ethan Hartman (Washington and Lee) Dec 10-5
133 - Zach Bylykbashi (Washington and Lee) over Gage Branson (SCC) Dec 6-1
141 - Alex Pollera (Washington and Lee) over Anthony Ashford (SCC) MD 17-4
149 - Garrett Carter (SCC) over Zachary Papin (Washington and Lee) Dec 7-6
157 - Andy Dobben (SCC) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit 
165 - Shelby Floyd (SCC) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit
174 - Brandon LeFore (Washington and Lee) over Mitch Rusch (SCC) Dec 9-6
184 - Ron Tassoni (Washington and Lee) over TJ Edwards (SCC) MD 15-2
197 - BJ Carman (SCC) over Michael Sullivan (Washington and Lee) Dec 6-2
285 - Deaken McCoy (SCC) over Mathew Kaminer (Washington and Lee) Dec 8-3

St. Catharine College: 54 Mount St. Joseph: 0
125 - David Hernandez (SCC) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit
133 - Gage Branson (SCC) over Charlie Heyob (Mount St. Joseph) Fall 5:42
141 - Anthony Ashford (SCC) over Eesa Muhammed (Mount St. Joseph) Fall 3:39
149 - Garrett Carter (SCC) over Matthew Sicurella (Mount St. Joseph) Dec 9-4
157 - Andy Dobben (SCC) over Blake Sittloh (Mount St. Joseph) TF 15-0
165 - Shelby Floyd (SCC) over Joe Kammerer (Mount St. Joseph) Fall 1:44
174 - Mitch Rusch (SCC) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit
184 - TJ Edwards (SCC) over Lashon Howard (Mount St. Joseph) MD 15-5
197 - BJ Carman (SCC) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit 
285 - Deaken McCoy (SCC) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit

St. Catharine College: 29 John Carroll: 15
125 - David Hernandez (SCC) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit 
133 - Gage Branson (SCC) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit
141 - Anthony Ashford (SCC) over Unknown (Unattached) Forfeit 
149 - Jarrad Lasko (John Carroll) over Garrett Carter (SCC) Dec 8-2
157 - Andy Dobben (SCC) over John Connick (John Carroll) Dec 2-0
165 - Tyler Hardtke (John Carroll) over Shelby Floyd (SCC) Dec 10-6
174 - Thomas McNulty (John Carroll) over Mitch Rusch (SCC) TF 18-3
184 - Zach Sullivan (SCC) over Gabe Susinski (John Carroll) Dec 10-6
197 - Bryan Carter (SCC) over Russ Porter (John Carroll) TF 22-7
285 - Will Porter (John Carroll) over Deaken McCoy (SCC) MD 11-3

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