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Soccer Players Take Summer Service Trip

Restore Houses in New Orleans

Two members of the St. Catharine Women's Soccer Team took time out of their summer this year to make a trip to New Orleans.  However, this trip was no vacation, it was a mission trip to help restore houses in an area of the city that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2006.

Along with several other St. Catharine students, faculty, and staff members, Michelle Dunaway and Lindsey Vinson volunteered with The St. Bernard Project to help those displaced by the hurricane.  Michelle and Lindsey spent a week helping to complete a home for a family that had been displaced for almost 4 years.  They had the opportunity to work with the other members of the St. Catharine group and to attend a dedication of a completed home where the owners were able to take possession and move back in after such a long period away.

The St. Bernard Project works to rehad and rebuild houses destroyed in St. Bernard Parrish, an area of New Orleans hit hard by Katrina.  Over 90 percent of the homes in St. Bernard Parrish were destroyed or damaged to the point where they were unlivable by Katrina.  Over 350 homes have been restored or rebuilt by the St. Bernard Project since 2006.

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