Monday, May 20, 2013


       The name of Goldey has been penciled in the line-up card of the St. Catharine College softball team for the last four years. And now, following a signing ceremony at the school on Saturday, the Goldey name will still appear each day in the lineup of Holly Smith’s Patriots.

       Ramie Goldey, the younger sister of Hagan Goldey who graduated last week from St. Catharine, signed a scholarship offer to continue her softball career with the Patriots. But while the name stays in the lineup it will now appear at a different position as Ramie is a catcher and Hagan was a shortstop.

        “We are really excited to have Ramie joining our program,” said Smith. “She is an excellent athlete and will fill our need at the catcher position.”

        Goldey sat out her final two years of softball at Garrard County High School but Clay Parsons, who coached Goldey during the summers with the Vapor Fast Pitch team, is certain that she is ready to play at the college level. “Ramie is good at framing the ball and blocking pitches in the dirt,” Parsons said. “She also has the ability to throw out runners. Offensively she hits a lot of line drives and has good speed on the bases. Her work ethic is good just like Hagan’s as both of their off-season training is top-notch.”

       Another similarity with the Goldey sisters is their choice of majors as both will pursue a career in physical therapy after obtaining an undergraduate degree in Biology.

        “I have been around (St. Catharine) for the last four years so I feel good about coming here,” said Goldey. “I really love the sport and am looking forward to playing softball in college.”

       David and Stacey Goldey are also looking forward to involvement with the Patriots’ for another four years as they watch their younger daughter play. “Hagan loved the school and our experience was all good,” said David. “It is just 45 minutes from home so we get to come watch. It is a perfect fit for Ramie,” added Stacey.