Sunday, September 16, 2007


The St. Catharine Patriot soccer team traveled to Circleville, Ohio to take on Ohio Christian University on Saturday, September 16. After the long ride, the team arrived in Circleville on a perfect day to play soccer. It was sunny, breezy and in the low 70’s.

Both teams took the field needing a win as the Patriots entered the game at 1-4 on the season and Ohio Christian came in at 0-3. The match started off with the Patriots controlling the ball and holding in the OCU half. SCC took several shots early to test the OCU goalkeeper. The play was mostly one sided for the first 20 minutes, but OCU held firm. Finally, in the 22nd minute, SCC midfielder Will Meza slotted home the first goal off a cross from Clint Smith that was deflected into the penalty box by the OCU goalkeeper.

Eight minutes later, Victor Vieyra crossed a ball into the box that was put away by Jonathan Foster to make the score 2-0 in favor of SCC. Will Meza scored his second of the game off a cross from Patrick Williams that the OCU keeper fumbled and Evan Harlow headed in a ball off a corner to make the score at halftime 4-0 for SCC.

The second half was turned out to be much tighter as SCC tried to widen it’s lead and OCU tried to get back into the game. OCU pushed 9 players forward at times, trying to put pressure on the SCC goal. Despite the added players, the SCC defense held strong and held Ohio Christian scoreless. SCC midfielder Jonathan Engstrom capped off the scoring with a strong dribbling run from the left side for a shot from the top of the box.

SCC won 5-0 and earned it’s first shutout of the season to bring it’s record to 2-4-0. Next up for the Patriots is Spalding University on Thursday, September 20 at home at 5pm.