Monday, July 7, 2014


Patriot wrestling hit a major milestone on Monday when they hosted their first ever wrestling event on the campus of St. Catharine College.

The Patriot wrestling squad welcomed Team Kentucky USA (the national competitive squad for the state of Kentucky) to the confines of Lourdes Hall for a two day event. “Team Kentucky is an important ally for our program here at St. Catharine” said Head Patriot Coach Spencer Adams. “These guys grow up getting the best instruction from some of the best coaches in the state of Kentucky and nationally. Not to mention that they are already great competitors.”

The camp hosted over thirty athletes ranging from age 10 to 18. Under the world class instruction of Sergei Kitaev, former three time world champion, the athletes were able to participate in skill specific drills over a two day period of time. Sergei came into the camp with a plethora of experience, including being a two time Junior National Champion in the USSR, a four time All-USSR Senior Level Wrestler, three time World Gran-Prix Alexander Medved Champion, a World Supercup Champion in Germany, a graduate of the University of Moscow with a Master’s Degree from the school of Supreme Olympic Coaching, Head Olympic Coach for Belarus from 2008-2012, and from 2008-2012 he coached 12 Medalists in the European + World Championships including a World Champion HWT.

“Having somebody as talented as Sergei to help our youth athletes is a blessing” stated Adams. “He is one of the most brilliant wrestlers that I have ever met and not only is he a treat for the kids, but for the coaches as well.”

The celebrity stardom didn’t stop with Sergei, for Yuliya Kitaev, wife of the renowned wrestling coach, was in attendance as well. The former two time Olympic gymnast, 1996 in Atlanta and again in 2000 in Sydney, Australia, escorted the Kitaev children around while Sergei provided instruction the young athletes. “It’s rare to have the opportunity to meet a world renowned athlete and coach such as Sergei, but to have two athletes of their caliber on campus at once is a almost unheard of” exclaimed Adams.

“The camp was a great success” said Adams. “It’s a great lead into the beginning of our preseason workouts. I’m really looking forward to having our wrestlers here in just over a month.”