Monday, September 14, 2009


Sunday, September 13 - The St. Catharine College Patriot soccer team took to the road on Sunday to challenge Southern State College in Hillsboro, Ohio. Less than 2 minutes into the game, a couple of nice passes from Glenn Cashdollar, to Thomas Paris, to Austin Kaczanowski resulted in shot by Kaczanowski from 35 yards out. The Southern State Goalkeeper made the save by batting it down, the ball hit a rough patch on the pitch, and bounce into the goal for a 1-0 St. Catharine lead.

Through most of the first half, SCC had control of the ball and the game, but were unable to score a second goal despite out-shooting Southern State 17-4. In the 29th minute, a long ball by Southern State made it past the SCC defense. SCC 'keeper Will Johnston cleared the ball out, but Southern State won the ball and lobbed it into the SCC goal area. A difficult hop resulted in a race to the ball, and Southern State got their first to put away a goal and tie the game up 1-1 at halftime.

The Patriots came out determined to score first in the second half, and they did just that. 5 minutes into the half, Isaac Blanford scored off a Rex Catron pass to put SCC up 2-1. 10 minutes into the half, Jonathan Engstrom scored on a left foot drive from a Patrick Williams pass to double the lead. 1 minute later, a Southern State foul resulted in a SCC free kick. Patrick Williams calmly put the ball into the goal to put SCC up 4-1.

It looked like SCC would coast to a victory, but Southern State had more to say about it. In the 63rd minute, a long ball got behind the SCC defense, and Southern State would outrace SCC to the ball to put away a goal to would cut the lead to 4-2. St. Catharine recovered however, and Adam Gilchrist would score the fifth and final goal of the game off a cross from Isaac Blanford.

The final score was SCC 5 - Southern State 2. St. Catharine's record now stands at 3-1 on the season with their next match at home versus Ohio Christian on Saturday.