Friday, August 24, 2007


On Thursday, the Women’s soccer team traveled to Campbellsville for an exhibition match against the Campbellsville University women’s soccer team. The Lady Patriots were in high spirits until we left Lourdes Hall. Once they walked outside, everyone agreed that it was HOT!

After the 45 minute drive turned into an hour due to construction, we reached our destination and took the field. The Campbellsville University soccer field sits north of their campus next to the GM dealership. Most of the additional area around the field is a shopping center. With all the asphalt nearby, the temperature on the field at gametime was 102 degrees and the heat index was 108 degrees.

Due to the extreme heat and the fact that this was an exhibition (scrimmage), the coaches decided to play three 20 minute periods instead of 45 minute halves. St. Catharine took the kickoff and was able to work down into Campbellsville territory. Campbellsville’s defense held strong and won the ball and the more experienced Campbellsville team dictated the pace most of the first period. The St. Catharine defense worked hard and made several good plays, but 2 miscues cost the team and the period ended with Campbellsville up 2-0.

In the second period St. Catharine continued to play strong and was able to put some pressure on the Campbellsville goal, but was unable to put one away. Campbellsville countered and took a solid shot that bounced off the crossbar back into play. The bounce landed at the feet of a Campbellsville player who finished off the gift, giving Campbellsville a 3-0 lead.

The third period was more of the same with Campbellsville pressing and St. Catharine counter-attacking when winning possesion. The Lady Patriots worked the ball down into the left corner and Haley Reed took a great shot from outside on the left. Unfortunately, it went just wide and Campbellsville received the goal kick. With about 5 minutes to go in the period, freshman goalkeeper Sigourney Lundy made a great save on a hard shot from one of the Campbellsville forwards. Unfortunately, she was unable to catch the ball and had to punch it back into play. Another Campbellsville player was in the right place at the right time and slotted away the goal to cap off the scoring. The scrimmage ended in a 4-0 win for Campbellsville, but both teams were winners because everyone survived the heat.