Patriot Backers

A HUGE THANKS to the following people or companies that have donated to the 2014-2015 St. Catharine College Baseball Team:

Mr. William and Diane Poole, JR

Iva Jean Webster

Marlene and Norman Klamut

Mr. Edward and Shirley Ledonne

Mr. & Mrs. Lanny Butler

Mary Ann and Allan Getzin

Mr. Fredrick Johnson

Mr. James Knowles

Donna and Wayne Keeton

 Jack and Michelle Kelley

Fridania Sanchez-Ordonez

Ivan Ordonez

 Eric and Laura Procter

Stacey and Lance Hines

Alexis Ruhl

Elizabethtown Manufacturing Services, INC.

Janna and Shawn Higgins

 Everett and Stacey Rey

Barbara Silva

Angelo Rosso

 Nicholas and Brooke Scarbrough

 Ernest and Barbara Jones

Lydia and Tyler Williams

 Maurice and Josephine Knowles

Janet Hyde

AGE Engineering Services, INC.

 Jerry and Maxine Kimmel

 Joe and Pat Pruitt

 Michael and Marsha Dee

 James and Ella Sue Muir

Joe Ann and Crit Barnes

Ray and Jackie Spivey

Carl and Deborah Kitani

Thomas and Diane Allen

Barbara Allen

Richard and Jeanne McAlindin


Marsha Stoner

Jose and Darlene Hernandez

William Young D.D.S.

John Dickie

Jerry and Carol Baugh

Akins Trust

Rick and Deborah Shepherd

Lawrence and Mabel Maclain

Susan and Patricia Turner

Joel and Cynthia Voyles

Richard and Lola Seifert

Bradley and Linda Melhorn

Hope Temple Church of God in Christ

Marsha Hutchinson

Fregodfrey and Rhonda Cooley

Jennifer Clark

Ronald and Sherrin Wright

James and Linda Williams

Jamie  Kimberly Guevara

William and Karen Akins

Iacopi Lenz & Company

June Hendrix

Jesse and Charlotte Rigdon

Jackie Trotter

Robin Mason

Carmen Ortiz

Leonilda Perdomo

Orlando and Yanfiel Diaz-Garcia

Maria Josefina Diaz

Bernice Steiner

Robert and Elsie Davenport

Paul and Erica Breaux

Carmen and Marie Jorgenson

Yazmil Diaz

Steve and Sharmaine Diaz

K. L. and L. A. Matthis

Roger and Carolyn Oppel

Steven MaClain

Ruckels Grocery

Janice Lebanion

John and Donna Voyles

Martha Janie Smith

Ryan and Heather Wright

Loretta Napper

TTE Thomas Brumley and TTE Helen Hughes

Ana Araujo

Esther Gilbert

Sarah Masterson

Daniel and Ellen Finn

Charmaine Owings

Brian and Kathryn Gunn

Gabriele Powell

Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Higgins

Bryan and Kimberly Blocker

Andrew Kollenberg

Elizabeth Wright

Dixie Industrial Insulation, INC

Nadine Galusha

Basham Construction and Rental Co.

David Rackliffe

Paul and Quimby Williams

Veronica Lerma

Tonya McCoy

Richard Randolph, JR.

Michael and Deanna Jones

David and Dee Jones

Samuel and Gladys Wilson

Mark and Cynthia Monroe

Anthony and Becky Flores

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