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Tennis Batters the Rams

After dropping their first two conference contests of the season, the St. Catharine Patriot’s tennis team found their bearings as the battered the Rams.

For the first time all season the Patriots were able to play with partly cloudy skies, a temperature above 40 degrees, and wind gusts less than 35 miles per hour. For the Patriots, the good weather brought positive results. “Our men looked like they could really play today” said Head Coach Jim Coomer. “We have struggled early, but this is the group that I knew that we can be.” In number one doubles the duo of Andre Jacomini (Brazil) and Ethan Rowton (Paducah, Ky.) put the Patriots on top early when they defeated the Rams’ Kitchen and Tugman 8-3. In the number two match Felipe Barrientoes (Columbia) and Ivan Kerkoc-Portillo (Spain) dominated 8-4.

After winning the first two doubles contest with ease, the Patriots combo of Tyler Glover (Lawrenceburg, Ky.) and Sergio Mendoza (Columbia) created fireworks when they forced the match to a tiebreaker after tying 8-8 in regulation. In the tiebreaker, the Patriots duo traded blows with the Rams until they were unable to overcome the final push, falling 9-7. “This was a great team effort from these guys” said Coomer. “They really played for each other today.”

In women’s action the youth filled Patriots were unable to overcome the experience of the Rams as they fell 5-0. Sarah Pascoe (Munfordville, Ky.) provided excitement for the Patriots when she was able to force the Rams’ Havens to earn the win when she struck for a point. However, Pascoe would be unable to overcome the offensive attack, falling in the end.

The Patriots will battle Union College at the St. Catharine Tennis Complex on March 24th at 3 PM.

Men’s Finals: (SCC listed first) SCC 8 Bluefield 1

#1 doubles Rowton and Jacomini defeated Kitchen and Tugman 8-3

#2 doubles Barrientos and Kerkoc defeated Jemenez and Aramberri 8-4

#3 doubles Glover and Mendoza lost to Stonestreet and Gunn 8-8 (9-7) tie break

#1 singles Rowton defeated Aramberri 6-1 6-3

#2 Jacomini defeated Kitchen 6-2 6-3

#3 Barrientos defeated Tugman 6-2 6-0

#4 Glover lost to Gunn 6-4 6-0

#5 Kerkoc defeated Jimenez 6-3 3-0

#6 Mendosa defeated Stonestreet 6-0 6-0

Women Finals: SCC 0 Bluefield 5

#1 doubles Taylor and Pascoe lost to German and Havens 8-0

#2 doubles Rush and Landrum lost to Queen and Morgan 8-0

#1 singles Taylor lost to German 6-0 6-0

#2 singles Pascoe lost to Havens 6-0 6-1

#3 singles Landrum lost to Queen 6-0 6-0

#4 singles Rush lost to Morgan 6-0 6-0

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